Conducting audits

We first began carrying out environmental audits on the operational shopping centres in our Portuguese portfolio in 1997. Since then, we have extended the scope and coverage of audits in line with the roll out of site-level Environmental Management Systems.

From 2009 we established a standard practice for external energy consumption audits to be carried out on all operational assets every six years (compared with every five years before 2009) in order to ensure that we continue to identify all available opportunities to increase our assets’ energy efficiency.

On new projects and major expansions and refurbishments, both internal and external assessments are undertaken to establish the extent of compliance with our Safety, Health and Environment Development Standards and any applicable international certification schemes such as LEED®, BREEAM and DGNB.

Implementing action plans

This strategy enabled us identify and implement environmental management improvements on an ongoing basis. No or low-cost measures identified were integrated into management action plans, whilst measures requiring investment capital were put forward for consideration by asset owners within annual asset-level business plans.

Through this approach, we were able to, among other things:

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