Data collection, analysis and reporting

Following the establishment of our Environmental Policy, we set about integrating environmental management into all key business activities and at each stage of the shopping centre life cycle.

Sonae Sierra’s Safety, Health and Environment Management System

In the year 2000 we established environmental indicators and began to track the environmental performance of our operational shopping centres by establishing baseline data for energy, water and waste. With use of an online data platform we continued to increase the quality and scope of environmental data collection, analysis and reporting.

We created a comprehensive set of Environmental Standards for Retail Development (ESRD) with reference to internationally recognised standards such as LEED® and BREEAM, best available technologies and our unique expertise as shopping centre specialists, and we began to apply these standards on all new developments and major expansions and refurbishments from 2002. We also launched an EMS for construction works, and established the mandatory requirement for all approved investments to be preceded by an Environmental Due Diligence study (EDD).

We proceeded to monitor the implementation of these standards and requirements on all new developments, report both internally and externally on the results achieved and use outcomes learned to help inform the approach taken by future projects.

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