Results and Feedback

Any revisions to the organization’s Vision, Policy or Strategy documents

Skanska’s recent own office refurbishment projects transformed the company’s approach to health, wellbeing and productivity as co-benefits to energy efficiency projects. This has involved the development of a wider strategy for health and productivity, which further strengthens the business case for green buildings.

Skanska has also produced a booklet on its own green offices, and has developed its own group monitoring reports.

Changes to objectives, targets and how they are tracked using performance indicators

Skanska uses a Measurement and Verification (M&V) plan in its energy efficiency projects to define how interventions are measured. Measurement and performance indicators are important for Skanska in demonstrating the benefits of energy efficiency in buildings projects, and in green market-making. Skanska’s Color Palette is a useful communications tool in this respect.

Review and allocation of program funding

In the UK, this was done on a project-by-project basis as the three projects mentioned in this toolkit were so different.

Approval of any changes to the Energy Management Program and of any key upcoming capital projects requiring top-level approval

The projects were managed through the existing environmental management framework.

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