“We are determined to be the leading green project developer and contractor. The demand is in the market place. It is:

  • A great business opportunity
  • Right for the planet
  • Attractive for our people
Johan Karlström, President and CEO, Skanska AB

Green is a focus area of Skanska’s business strategy and the company defines Green by using the Skanska Color Palette™. In 2010, all business units were required to define their baseline performance and 2015 targets according to the Skanska Color Palette™ (Vanilla, Green and Deep Green) – among other criteria, a Green project needs to be at least 25 percent better than code on energy performance and a Deep Green project needs to be Net Zero Primary Energy or better.

As a leading green constructor and developer, and the pioneer of many green initiatives including the Color Palette™ and the Journey to Deep Green™, Skanska is recognized as a company that takes sustainability seriously. The company’s own office developments and refurbishments provide a unique opportunity to gather useful data that proves the business and financial case for the Journey to Deep Green™. They provide compelling case studies, improve Skanska’s brand value and have significant potential for green market-making.

“For proof that green office development and refurbishment deliver commercial and financial benefits, you need look no further than many of Skanska’s own offices,”

Johan Karlström, President and CEO, Skanska AB

The Skanska energy vision originates from Skanska AB (parent company). Skanska AB also benchmarks the energy use of 45 of its selected office buildings, which is intended to stimulate action at Business Unit (BU) level

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