Vision, Achieve Executive Commitment

As a major producer and distributor of power and an organization providing energy efficiency services- we have to be exemplar - there was no question about this.

EDF is a world leader in low-carbon electricity production. The Group intends to reinforce this leading position by investing even more in low-carbon technologies, such as renewable resources, as well as by providing energy-efficiency services to help our customers lower not only their bills, but also their environmental impact. As a promoter of energy efficiency, EDF must begin by setting a good example, in particular on its own premises. This is based mainly on internal actions, as energy efficiency is already part of EDF’s genetics.

Because we supply energy we know the difficulties involved in its production and distribution, we know that it is a rare and valuable commodity and are deeply convinced that it should not be wasted. Of course the energy efficiency program was also an opportunity for us to reduce our operating expenses.

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