Write an Energy Strategy

Sustainability is not an option but a business imperative for Infosys. We have always followed a sustainable approach to business and have helped our customers conduct their business in a sustainable manner. Infosys considers sustainable practices as an opportunity to apply our core strengths for social good, and to constantly innovate to create winning solutions. We believe that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of our stakeholders; comprising employees, business partners, local communities and the environment. The sustainability policy for Infosys which was developed in the year 2009 and implemented in 2010, acts as a guide for our sustainability actions.

Strong corporate governance is a cornerstone to the policy — focused on providing business value while enhancing the long-term competitive advantage of the company and ensuring results on the triple-bottom line. The Infosys sustainability strategy forms the basis of running our business responsibly and successfully. Our sustainability agenda focuses on social, environment, and economic dimensions and is based on the foundation of our values, known in short as C- LIFE: Client value, Leadership by example, Integrity and transparency, Fairness, and Excellence. Infosys is about addressing sustainability challenges through innovation, differentiation, driving efficiencies and creating new avenues for growth for our stakeholders.

The Infosys team approached the overall energy efficiency storyline in stages.

  1. First a baseline was established to estimate the energy savings possible via metering
  2. This was followed by identifying some “low hanging" fruits which involved energy efficiency measures which were not expensive to implement but gave a good savings. This built some credibility with the senior management who then asked for the next level of energy efficiency measures
  3. A detailed list of possible EEMs with appropriate payback calculations for a 5 year plan were presented to the management team, who asked for an acceleration of the plan to 2 years. Additional budget was granted to undertake major energy retrofits

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