Accurate metering helped us identify buildings with highest energy consumption and highest potential for energy savings. A few of such buildings were selected as a sample for a detailed energy audit, conducted by expert external agencies along with the internal teams.

Infosys Performance Benchmarks

The external agencies carried their own calibrated instruments for measuring power, temperatures, flow rates of water and air, etc. These audits consisted of assessment of air conditioning systems – measuring efficiencies of chillers, pumps, cooling towers, air-handling units, and optimizing operational and maintenance parameters. It also consisted of lighting system assessment that included measuring of lighting levels and lighting power, UPS assessment – measuring UPS efficiency and operational parameters.

The audits highlighted a great potential for improvement by changing system design, equipment replacement like chillers, pumps, and fans.

An estimate of cost vs energy reduction was calculated and presented to the management, and a retrofit budget was allocated for a few buildings and the before and after energy consumption was clearly documented to verify and ensure we achieved the savings through the implemented energy efficiency measures.

Once the verified savings were observed, it helped in getting the confidence of the senior management to invest in similar efficiency measures in all buildings across Infosys locations. Thus, we started one of the biggest retrofit programs in commercial buildings industry.

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