Establish an Energy Team

Started as a 5 member team and now expanded to 30, most of the members have an MS (Engineering) with a specialization such as energy efficiency, water efficiency and waste management.

Team structure and specialization are driven by the opportunities existing in different areas of building design and operations. The largest energy consumer in the Infosys campuses is the HVAC systems, and therefore this area has the highest number of specialists – from design and execution to retrofits and innovative projects, including smart building systems. This was followed by building design where focused efforts were required to bring in an integrated approach. This was followed by focus on water efficiency, waste management, and biodiversity, to develop a holistic approach to sustainable development.

The main challenge was to convince senior team members and established consultants in the starting phase as they had an old school of thought, which was difficult to change. When every assumption was literally questioned and studied, things began falling in place, and logic always won over “rule of thumb”.

Once the numbers to prove the impact were available, the intervention of the team in all designs was more welcome and started being seen as beneficial.

Early Green Initiatives Core Team

Head - Green Initiatives - Was responsible for driving the team and constantly discussing with the management and updating them of the team's activities on a regular basis (up to twice a week).

Green Initiatives Lead - Responsible for HVAC system design in new buildings and for driving energy audits in existing buildings. Reviewing the design submitted by consultants. Questioning all assumptions, ensuring no rule of thumb data is used, redefining standards used.

Green Initiatives Team Member - Came from an energy audit background and experience. Responsible for energy metering across campuses and for supervising audits. Studying energy use patterns in buildings starting with one campus. Also responsible for identifying portable instruments like power meter, water flow meter, thermal imager, lux meters (lighting) which were used for conducting basic checks and audits internally.

Green Initiatives Team Member - Responsible for lighting design for new projects and for lighting audits and retrofits in old buildings.

Green Initiatives Team Member - Responsible for studying water consumption and in design of new technologies for water and waste water treatment. Efforts on water started a bit later compared to energy.

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