Establishing an Energy Team

We cannot change the world alone; in fact we cannot even change our company alone, we have therefore developed our 2020 ambitions focused on customer, supplier, and employee engagement. It is the responsibility of all employees at SGS to help us achieve our environmental targets. All of our employees work hard to reduce consumption of electricity, non-transport fuels, and overall environmental impact and financial cost.

The specific energy functions at SGS are overseen by energy management expert Eddy Van Eenoo, reporting to Daniel Rüfenacht, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, but responsibility for sustainability also extends to the executive team.

The SGS Green Book, is a bi-annual environmental P&L intended for senior managers. It helps to assess and monitor the financial impact of our sustainability performance, including our carbon footprint. Inside the Greenbook we have specific KPIs related to electricity consumption and electricity price. Any reduction in consumption and costs leads to an increase in margin and thus to a potential discretionary cash bonus. In addition, we will introduce a specific sustainability KPI in top management remuneration as part of our 2020 ambitions; this KPI will be based on the achievement of our 2020 sustainability targets.

2015 has seen SGS implement extensive training and awareness programmes for roles interacting between our business and the environment. This year we have trained almost 40 Facilities Managers and Managing Directors; with further training scheduled for our offices in South America over the remainder of 2015.

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