Investing in energy efficiency can provide returns considerably greater than of the cost of capital, and can be achieved at very low risk. Energy Performance Contracting and alternative procurement processes provide a means of decreasing energy consumption and reducing operational costs without the requirement for capital outlay, and with an external party bearing any risk of project underperformance. Either browse the toolkit or use the links below to navigate to the most relevant sections.

The toolkit may be navigated using the five key headings of Vision, Planning, Implementation, Measurement and Verification, and Results and Feedback, and the subheadings that sit underneath these main categories. You can browse case study material by clicking on the company logos on this page. Alternatively- you can navigate to relevant case study content through links at relevant places in this toolkit.

Most relevant toolkit elements

The Business Case for Energy Efficiency - Describes the multiple (financial) benefits of investing in energy efficient buildings

Financial Evaluation - How the costs and benefits of energy efficiency investments are calculated

Funding Options - Budgets and funds that may be used for energy efficiency investment

Procurement Strategies - Contracting to minimize the risks associated with any energy efficiency investment