A guide to implementing energy efficiency audits (from ISO 50002)

Project phaseISO 50002 StageMiletonesActivities

Preliminary review of energy use

  • Energy Audit Planning
  • Data Measurement Plan
  • Start-up Meeting
  • Facility benchmarked against similar buildings
  • Base energy load identified
  • Collect and analyze utility data
  • Calculate EUI and compare to similar facilities
  • Assess energy efficiency improvement potential

Site assessment

  • Data Collection
  • Fieldwork
  • Site data collected
  • Immediate energy savings opportunities identified
  • Exit meeting held to discuss preliminary findings
  • Interview building staff
  • Visually inspect building and key systems
  • Collect data

Energy and cost analysis

  • Analysis
  • EEMs prioritized according to project and financial goals
  • Savings estimates generated
  • Evaluate utility and site data
  • Analyze energy and cost savings
  • Develop list of recommended measures

Completion of audit report

  • Report
  • Closing Meeting
  • Exit meeting held to walk through final report
  • Action plan for next steps
  • Summarize findings
  • Present recommendations