Energy data collection template

(Note this list in non-exhaustive)
Overall energy information
Overall energy bill Utility Bills, existing energy monitoring data (internally, or through utility supplier data or third parties)
Overall electricity usage - by month or year
Overall natural gas usage - by month or year
Overall co-generation energy usage - by month or year
Renewable energy sources - details
Indoor energy use and cost
Lighting Sub-metering, clip on energy monitoring, and further investigation
Heating, lighting and air conditioning (HVAC)
DHW (Domestic Hot Water)
Plug load
Average plug load density1
Data center energy use and cost
Data center power usage efficiency (PUE)2
Data center cooling source
Outdoor energy use and cost
Parking lighting
Walkway lighting
Signage lighting


1 WDavid Weightman and Jenny Field, 2012. Office Plug Loads: Energy Use and Savings Opportunities. Available online

2 The Green Grid, 2012. PUE™: a comprehensive examination of the metric. Available online