Head of Sustainability

The Head of Sustainability is a crucial figure in implementing an energy efficiency program. Running such an initiative will likely be the most cost-effective means of achieving significant carbon emissions reduction , and provides great case study material for company environmental reports.

It may fall to the Head of Sustainability to initiate action towards energy efficiency and to liaise between operational staff and C-level management, translating the rationale for energy efficiency projects into language that senior figures in the company can understand.

The toolkit may be navigated using the five key headings of Vision, Planning, Implementation, Measurement and Verification, and Results and Feedback, and the subheadings that sit underneath these main categories. You can browse case study material by clicking on the company logos on this page. Alternatively- you can navigate to relevant case study content through links at relevant places in this toolkit.

Most relevant toolkit elements


Formulate an energy vision

Develop an energy policy


Establish an energy team

Develop an Energy Strategy - How to plan the structure and details of an energy efficiency program

Develop a Communications Strategy - Channels for communicating the success of Energy Efficiency Projects and for leveraging additional internal support for projects


The Business Case for Energy Efficiency - Describes the multiple (financial) benefits of investing in energy efficient buildings

Energy Policy template - Describes the multiple (financial) benefits of investing in energy efficient buildings

Financial Evaluation - How the costs and benefits of energy efficiency investments are calculated

Involving Key Stakeholders - Key roles within a company will be affected by energy efficiency projects, it is essential to bring them on-board at an early stage

Funding Options - Budgets and funds that may be used for energy efficiency investment

Procurement Strategies - Contracting to minimize the risks associated with any energy efficiency investment